.​.​.​Behold, A Pale Sky

by In Demise

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Second Album


released October 26, 2016

David Kögler: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Arne Maneke: Guitar
Conor Michael: Drums
Johann-Jacob Lau: Bass
Florian Lorenz: Vocals


all rights reserved



In Demise Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Unfullfilled Exigence
numb cluster

the point of principle
defiled trenched obliterated
stumbling into misty deep blue
gargling on infected influence

implemented change of bias
to equally blotted concepts
inveigled body landslide
rush through decomposed ideals

disabled to
unfulfilled exigence

exhausting expedition
leads to frustration
leads to expressed destructive
results in dissipated exertion

disabled to
unfulfilled exigence

disabled to
rush through decomposed ideals
gargling on infected influence
Track Name: Cursed Words
lies, half-truth, misinformation
Stardom, gossip, panem et circenses
opium for the masses
uniformed, uninformed, confused and nauseated

defending, expanding, liberate, proliferate

prospering in rampant growth,
bleeding dry the globe
living on the starving,
feeding needs with hope

face the inevitable
no alternative is at hand
all shall give all that they have
united we shall stand

privatize the profits
and socialize the risks
the benefits of economy –
the benefits of men

oppressing the masses
with labour and consumption
numb their senses and make them tired
to prevent the formation of opinion

at the shrines of finances
we bow before our masters
immolating our virtues

lies, half-truth, misinformation
Stardom, gossip, panem et circenses
opium for the masses
uniformed, uninformed, confused and nauseated

in these days of great confusion and mistrust
we pledge allegiance
to those who lead…
ever since
Track Name: Like The Leech That Feasts
creeping and creeping and
waiting to be seen and felt and heard
waiting to feed
total corruption of all organic life

and it burns, it burns
cold and wet – but it burns
like the worm that gnaws
as it rips and it claws
always and ever – inevitably forever

crawling and lurking

from beyond infinity
descending into our reality

borne from light invisible
the hue, the colour
not from this world
hungry and fertile
it drips and it flows,
it seeps and it soaks– inexorably

incorporeal though conscious
amoral indifference
oozing from the skies
trickling into the soil
infesting phreatic water

chthonic – hypogeal
brood cells

incorporeal though sentient
amoral indifference
oozing from the skies
trickling into the soil
infesting phreatic water

dry and grey and brittle
draining out the host
like the leech that feasts
it drinks and it eats
it grows and it sucks
multiplying relentlessly
Track Name: An Ode To Wrath
Sing, O goddess,
the anger of Achilles
the son of Peleus,
that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans.

Many a brave soul did it send
hurrying down to Hades,
and many a hero did it yield
a prey to dogs and vultures

an ode to wrath

O Manyu!
your assistants,
deride and trounce
over our enemies

an ode to wrath

You are the slayer
of the unfriendly,
remover of all sorrow

grant me power during war-time,
destroy our enemies

shed your wrath upon
those that carry ill-will
for us and those
whom we deem
our enemies

March on,
like flames of fire in form,
Slay thou our foes,
distribute their possession

An ode to wrath

With thee to aid,
O thou of perfect splendour,
we raise the glorious
battle-shout for conquest

let our enemies
with stricken spirits,
over-whelmed with terror,
sling away defeated
Track Name: Slice And Dice
unknown vibe
to a disaffected central
nervous system

cut old ties
build out lies


cold decision
reckless translation
totally optimized


slice and dice
slide the knife

take out all
the unwanted
disturbing extremities


don’t stop to review
the choice
to reshape
all the unwanted

success – at last!

what is left
it is the beauty in itself
the perfect match to the disaffected nervous system

consistency of
body and soul
has come true
satisfaction is now the steady state condition
Track Name: From Imperfect Salts
the quest for wisdom – arcane knowledge of the dead
the faustian strife – an urge as old as man itself
the price irrelevant – regardless of what it shall take
the avail so valuable – inestimably sumptuous

called up from the essential salts of humans dust

don´t call up, any that you cannot put down
ask for the lesser, lest the greater shall not answer
bear in mind that no part must be missing
for the finest results to be had

loathsome and appalling,
too palpably incomplete,
offensively unfinished
is what is raised
from imperfect salts

and from the seeds
of the old
shall one be borne
who shall look back
though knowing not
what he seeks
Track Name: A New Dark Age
The most merciful thing in the world, I think,
is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
We live on a placid island of ignorance
in the midst of black seas of infinity,
and it was not meant that we should voyage far.
The sciences,
each straining in its own direction,
have hitherto harmed us little;
but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge
will open up such terrifying vistas of reality,
and of our frightful position therein,
that we shall either go mad from the revelation
or flee from the deadly light
into the peace and safety
of a new dark age.
Track Name: ... Behold, A Pale Sky
reading between the lines,
see the truth behind the lies,
pieces of knowledge
never to be correlated

don´t believe a thing
everything is possible

warpainting the stratosphere – …behold, a pale sky
orchestrate the climate change – …behold, a pale sky
…behold, a pale sky!

conspiring against the meek to depopulate the globe
the shepherd that slays the sheep - their master plan unfolds

the occult order,
the unseen hand that pulls the strings
preserve the ancient lineage
tainted with unearthly blood
in the very
beginning of human history

conducting famine and drought – …behold, a pale sky
poison the soil with venomous fallout – …behold, a pale sky
…behold, a pale sky

disjointed knowledge
separated by design
piecing together
what should never be revealed

mind-controlled through aerosols we´re digging our own graves
a populace kept uninformed is a populace enslaved

weaponize the firmament – …behold, a pale sky
death is raining from the skies - …behold, a pale sky
…behold, a pale sky

shine a light on
the obscured acts of the ill-luminated
behind the curtains
accidents are nonexistent
watch with open eyes
and eventually you shall see for yourselves…
Track Name: Passing Through The Polyhedral Portal
thy name shall forever be removed from history
struck from all monuments and erased from all the records

Nephren-Ka, heretic of heretics,
to protect the pious and devout
from the wrath of the gods
thy transgressions shall remain unnamed

the lightless temple to house the Haunter of the Dark
nameless cults of hideous blasphemies,
their idols carven in strangely coloured stone,
their ill-bred rites detestable and profane

the many-angled extraneous artifact
nearly black though luminous
crafted on dark Yuggoth

showing the heavens and distant worlds
“…and the abyss also gazes into you”

half-formed worlds of wonder and of terror
chaos is merged into order

it´s fascination alarming and malign
it´s promises compelling and corruptive
Nyarlathotep – the Crawling Chaos,
mighty messenger,
priest and soul of the outer gods
Track Name: Pure Life - The Third World (At) War
Taking from the poorest of the poor
take their homes, take their lives, take their land

no good will ever be appreciated
unless it is completely privatized

we bring the benefits of a globalized world
a global village, void of boundaries
the free market, that frail and fragile bud
it shall blossom even in the driest soil

controlling and regulating itself
the free market brings prosperity and wealth

liberate the global trade
for the benefit of the customers
produce for the first world
human capital, your trump card
supporting you with foreign aid
we are responsible

kept too weak to uprise
too thirsty, too hungry
too poor to oppose your oppressors
put off, held back

over a billion on the brink of extinction
living from the waste of the civilized world
ten-thousands starving on a daily basis
now they come to claim what is rightfully theirs
Track Name: Slowly Dissolving (Ubbo-Sathla)
Behold the cloudy orb like artifact
the crystal globe of Zon-Mezzamalech
once lost in half-fabled Mhu-Thulan
long before the advent of modern man

briefly mentioned in the Book of Eibon
either unknown to, or omitted by Alhazred
obscure, ominous, ante-human lore
predating the practice of spoken word

Behold the intermittent glowing in its heart
alternately illumed and darkened from inside
slightly flattened at both of it´s poles
mirroring all the things that ever were

For Ubbo-Sathla
is the source
and the end.

Before the coming of
Zhothaqquah, Yok-Zothoth
or Kthulhut from the stars,
Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the
steaming fens of the newmade Earth.
And all earthly life, it is told
shall go back at last
through the great circle of time
to Ubbo-Sathla, Magna Mater

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